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She Comes Fortnightly

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

Because he was an

Introvert who could not

Easily mingle with people

In the society

He was told by

One of his friends

That people would continue

To cheat him

Unless he finds a

Solution to his personality

He did not know

The kind of solution

He can find to

His personality for this

Is how he was

Begotten and would continue like that

His friend told him

That he needs to

Be high to be

Able to face others

I can neither smoke

Nor sniff hard substances

If that is what

You mean

The friend replied him

That he has not

Been doing that but

He can join them

In what they are

Doing which is taken

Strong drink and when

He has done that

He would have the

Boldness to face anyone

In the world to

Pour out his minds to them

After much persuasion he

Decided to join them

To be drinking alcohol

He started from a bottle

On a gradual basis

He started increasing the

Numbers of his bottles

And eventually overtakes others

On several occasions his

Friends called him to

Reduce the bottles he

Used to take

But he would not

Yield then government places

Advert across social media

That, drink responsibly

If you will drink

Do not drive, and

If you will drive

Do not drink

He has been obeying

This advert until one

Day that he disobeyed

The regulations.

He has finished drinking

When his phone rang

One of his imported

Consignments has arrived

Customs are asking for

Its papers, lest they

Impound the consignment. He

Told them he would get it across to them

The person he wants

To send did not

Arrive and this forced

Him to drive

Thinking the toxicity of

The alcohol in his

Body would have gone

Down. But alas! It wasn’t

While going to the

Place his eyes were

Blurry but he thought

He could maneuver


Himself to the place.

Alas! He couldn’t as

He hits somebody and

The person died on the spot

He was arrested by

The law enforcement agencies

When his blood and

Urine samples were analyzed

It was discovered that

There are toxicities of

Alcohol in his blood

And was charged to court

The court proceedings have

Been delayed because of

Epidemics and other reasons

His lawyer has been doing

Great job to defend

Him. But after close

Analysis of everything his

Lawyer called him into confidence

And told him that

He will lose the

Case. If he was

Not given a maximum punishment

He would be sentenced

To about thirty years

Behind bar. He does

Not wish to go to jail

Thus, he asks to

Know if he can

Do anything to salvage

Himself from what looms over him

His lawyer has no

Answer for this and

He asks from his

Friends who told him

That there is a

Powerful spiritualist in the

Town that they could

Go to seek for help

He agreed and they

Went to the man

They narrated the story

To the man

The man told them

That what they have

Come for is difficult

And what he would use

For them is his

Highest power, but for

This highest power to

Work they have a part to play

And the part to

Play is they will

Go to the market

Square, there they will find a blind beggar

They should give the

Beggar what they have

If she collects what

They give her

Then they should forget

The case, the judge

Would rule in their


They set for the

Market square on getting

To market they find

The place where the blind beggar

Used to stay empty

They hanged around for

A while maybe she

Is late to arrive

At the market that

Day, they reasoned among

Themselves. But hours later

They discovered that the woman

Did not arrive, then

They asked from somebody

Nigh by about when

The blind beggar would arrive


The person told them

That the beggar does

Not come daily she

Comes twice per month

Asked to know if

She would come that

Week, and the person

Says the beggar

Was around two days

Ago, that means she

Will come to the

Market again in twelve days’ time

The man started perspiring

He couldn’t talk again

While his friends ask

If the person knows her house

No one knows where

She lives in this

Market because on the

Day she will come to market

She will be the first

To get to the market

And she will be

The last person to leave the market

No one knows when

And how she arrives and

When and how she leaves.

They were not satisfied with

This response and asked

From someone else within

The market. But the

Response they got was same

They therefore return to

The spiritualist to give

Him the feedback. The

Spiritualist told them that

What they were told

About the blind beggar

Was very correct. Because

The beggar is not human

She is a spirit

Who takes up flesh

To come to the


Only few people in

The land knows this

About the blind beggar

She used to take

Up that posture to

Hide his identity from

People of the land.

They asked to know

What else they could

Do about their friend’s

Plight. But the spiritualist

Said that is his highest power

Since they were unable

To find the blind

Beggar, it is certain

That their friend would be jailed

The spirit of the

Person he has killed

Is calling for vengeance

They left the place disappointed

As the day of

The judgment draws nigh

The man lost his


At the court the

Judge said he would

Be lenient with him

Because of his lawyer’s defense

He reiterated the advert

Before passing his judgement

That if you drink

Do not drive and if

You know you will

Drive do not drink

If emergencies arose after

You are drunk,

Call Uber to take

You to where you

Are going. Having said

That, he said

For this to serve

As lessons to others

He is sentenced to

25 years imprisonment, as the court rises.


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