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She - A Poem by Vanita Thakkar

Vanita is an engineer-researcher-consultant-artist: a gifted singer-poetess; & writes in English-Hindi-Gujarati on her diverse experiences



What is it

That you want

Of her ?

What is it

That you are looking for

In her ?

Flares of

Your devouring desires

Turn her

Into a lifeless cavity

For you to stuff your vanity

Or into a destroyed molten personality

For you to mould to your fancy

Or into an unaffected tomb of frozen emotions

For you to despise or pity or worship ….

You have amazing ability

To degrade !

She is the best of

Creator’s masterpieces,

But to your eyes

She is His mistake –

The root of vices –

Whose vices ?

She has form,

She has mind,

She has intellect,

She has spirit,

She is receptive and reflective,

Sensitive and creative ….

She is the secret, the mystery

That you yourself are !

If only you could see that

She is a human being !

Do you know

What that means ?

- Vanita Thakkar (21.01.2010)



For those who respond with grievances against women on this poem, there is a quote and a picture that would take them closer to the essence of this poem ....


© 2021 Vanita Thakkar