Underwater RHYMES

Updated on November 24, 2017


Beneath the waves is a world of predators.
Ancient families that live to be predators.
That has existed for millions of years.
When dinosaurs roamed the earth they lived.
Sharpe teeth with tough skin.
Most are slow moving.
But one the predator that Rules beneath the waves.
It's the SHARK. They are big but very potent.
They are the biggest family to roam the ocean.
Sharks are predators that have many heads.
Five to seven gills atop of their head.
They can also be gentle creatures.
But are known mostly as ocean protectors.
For the ocean, they are its security.
Sharks are also popular on the big screen.

Jaws 1

The End

A beach party takes place on an island.
CHRISSIE WATKINS decides to go swimming.
She's violently pulled under the sea.
While her friend on land is searching.
Her remains were found the next day.
Then examined the same day.
Her death was ruled as a shark attack.
But the Mayor tries to hide it.
Hide it because it may hurt the town's economy.
After an attempt to shut down the beach.
CHIEF MARTIN BRODY puts out a bounty.
To find the shark that attacked.
He hopes QUINT will help find it.
Local fishermen catch a large tiger shark.
The Mayor then claims they have caught the shark.
Some dispute it being the same predator.
Feeling that it could've been a staged capture.
So HOOPER and Brody find a half-sunken vessel.
Retrieving a great white's tooth that's sizable.
He and hooper find many clues.
But the Mayor still wants to hide the truth.
A GREAT WHITE SHARK was roaming.
The mayor still kept the beaches open.
Allowing added safety precautions.
While the beach is full of tourists.
The real shark enters an estuary.
On the prowl still killing.
Brody finally convinces the Mayor.
To find Quint and Hire.
Hire him to capture the Shark.
The Mayor realizes that it really is a shark.
Quint brings his boat and they go out hunting.
They set traps and wait for their opportunity.
Suddenly, it appears behind the boat.
Quint hooks it but it goes beneath the boat.
As they sit and tell stories.
The Shark returns unexpectedly.
Ramming the boat and killing its power.
The men attempt to restore its power.
The next day they attempt to catch it again.
This time the Shark floods their engine.
The boat is slowly sinking.
The trio makes a risky.
A risky approach to stopping.
Hooper goes underwater and tries injecting.
Injecting the Shark with strychnine.
But again, the shark reacts before the time.
Hooper escapes the shark's rage.
The shark takes his rage.
Out on the boat. He devours Quint.
But Brody finally kills it.

Roy Scheider
Martin Brody
Robert Shaw
Richard Dreyfuss
Matt Hopper

Jaws 2


A hotel opens on the Island.
But a great white shark crashes.
Crashes the celebration.
& kills all photographing wreckage.
The wreckage of Quint's boat.
They eventually find the camera on a float.
The Shark still puts fear under water.
Going after all that is swimming in the water.
But the sharks presumed dead.
They even have it's head.
Meanwhile, a killer whale's beached.
Its wounds showed it suffered defeat.
MARTIN BRODY believes its a shark.
The MAYOR doubts the town has another shark.
Later, Brody finds more debris.
In the surf just off the beach.
The next day, Brody is fired.
It seems that the Mayor.
Has had enough of his obsession.
So he fired him to teach him a lesson.
The next day, there's another attack.
Brody hears about it.
He goes and searches for survivors.
Through the shark-infested waters.
Meanwhile, the Shark strikes again.
Causing most of the kids.
To panic while the Shark still tries.
The Coast Guard soon arrives.
The shark sinks the Chopper.
Throwing Sean back into the water.
But SEAN is saved again.
Drifting toward cable junction.
Later, the Shark returns.
Brody tries to spread the word.
The Shark makes one final attempt.
But Brody makes sure it's a failed attempt.

Roy Scheider
Martin Brody
Mark Gruner
Mike Brody
Mark Giplin
Sean Brody

Deep Blue Sea


In an underwater facility.
A team of scientists is researching.
Sharks to help the reactivation.
Of the brain cells in humans.
Humans with Alzheimer's disease.
But one shark escapes the facility.
It attacks a boat full of teens.
Which results in investors sending.
Sending RUSSEL FRANKLIN to investigate it.
While in the lab they are celebrating.
Because the research is working.
They show it is by proving.
Proving it on one of their biggest sharks.
After it, the shark bites off the arm.
The arm of Dr. Jim.
A helicopter comes to take Jim.
While he is being lifted.
He falls into a shark pen.
The Shark grabs Jim's stretcher.
Pulling down the helicopter.
Killing all of those with it.
Meanwhile, in the lab they discover.
The Shark carrying Jim on his stretcher.
The shark throws him into the glass.
Causing Jim's body to shatter the glass.
The facility is flooded.
The team has little options.
So they run to the wet entry.
With hopes of escaping.
SUSAN confesses to the team.
That she and Jim have increased.
Increased the sharks brainsize.
Made them smarter to survive.
They were smarter indeed.
They also were more deadly.
The group reaches the wet entry.
The find little hope of escaping.
Now they shift their focus to surviving.
They realize that only unity.
Will keep them from dying.
They suffer casualties along the way.
But they stay together to find a way.
Eventually, they do.
Displaying what unity could do.
On the surface, they conclude.
That the flood was so the Sharks can pursue.
Can pursue the life outside.
& Teach the others how to survive.

Saffron Burrows
Susan McAlester
Thomas Jane
Carter Blake
L.L. Cool J


Sharks have diversified over the years.
In the past and present, they put fears.
These may be fabricated movies.
But history says that sharks are truly.
One of the seas smartest creatures.
But they are also well-known predators.

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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