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Shared Links

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Linked through the shared

interest of their hearts.

Knowing that their dreams

cannot be as one.

Happy to have found the

link that they share.

Bursting with the joy

and excitement of knowing

that they are united in

heart and in soul as one,

Never wanting to let go

not knowing how to

separate the bond that

they share from everything

else going on in their lives.

Whether they brought together

by fate or by something

much more serious that

they cannot quite comprehend.

Just knowing that together

is where they are

destined to be and

not wanting to fight

the desires that fill

their souls to the brim.

Sharing with each other

the different occurrences

within their own lives

and knowing that the

other will always understand.

Bonded through friendship and

pain of process for each other.

Feeling as if the they cannot

breathe without the other

around them at all times.

Knowing such pleasures

as those desires that

they share for each other.

Feeling an emptiness

that cannot be explained

with they are apart.

Not really understanding the

bond that draws them

together, but not willing

to change anything that

they have shared together.

Linked in every way

possible from their emotions

to their dreams of each other.

Drowning in the knowledge

that they are meant to

be as one for all eternity.

Knowing that from the

start they have been

meant to be in each

others lives, and after

what they have shared

knowing that they always

will be by each other’s side.

Daniel Bedingfield - If You're Not The One

© 2020 Emily