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Shakespeare Tickled Me!

Shyron is a Logophile (a lover of words) and loves poetry also and writes poems when inspired to do so.

Shakespeare Tickled Me!

When I smiled at the absurdity!

When I smiled at the absurdity!

Shyron sitting on Shakespeare's Knee

I was Inspired to write this poem when Walter and I went with the group of Seniors In Motion (SIM) to the Dallas Arboretum all the trees, plants and flowers to see, 60 acres of breathtaking pulchritude and where I sat upon Shakespeare's knee.

The folks at the Arboretum did a fantastic job of decorating for Halloween in every hue of pumpkins in every shade of orange and green.

We were given samples of pumpkin cake, apple strudel, and different flavors of cream cheese cake.

A special thanks to Walter Scheppke for his encouragement and contribution to this poem.

Shakespeare Tickled Me!

One beautiful day the Seniors in Motion were sent

To the Dallas Arboretum, destined to be a day well spent

The beauty of the flowers, plants and trees to see

I never dreamed that Shakespeare would tickle me

Walter and I stopped at a stand

Where we were served pumpkin cake and apple strudel

And met up with Richard and Mary Anne

All the other seniors had disappeared on this 60 acre piece of land

We strolled along a pathway looking for the “Poet’s Garden”

In the area of the Garden where the pathway led

I saw a statue of a handsome gentleman and sat down upon his knee

It was then I could swear he tickled me

When I looked into his eyes, I was filled with dread

His eyes were dead and empty and sunken in his head

On the path where the “Bleeding Hearts” bled

Jumping to my feet from the fear and dread

I smiled at the absurdity and then I could swear he said

Sit back down upon my knee and again I will tickle thee

On the way back to the Center and with my senses reeling

With the thought of Shakespeare tickling me still inside my head

Walter and I found our way back

Past the apple strudel and cheese cake stands

Where we met with Janeen and Chuck, Peggy, Richard and Mary Anne

For the return bus ride and Walter and I in the back holding hands.

Thoughts of Shakespeare in my head

Thoughts of Shakespeare in my head

Fun Facts for the SIM Poet's Society

© 2019 Shyron E Shenko