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Shaken to the Core: Fantasy and Reality Competition

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Came to the conclusion that not every person thinks alike

Okay, Captain Obvious, don't rub it in too hard

Stick with the narrative for a moment before rushing to judgment

Republicans and Democrats have differing views on politics

On how to run the government and what's good or bad

Look at the presidential impeachment stuff on the news

Even the news itself can be a caricature of itself

Objectivity thrown out the window with the bath water

Left with opposing sides and no one working for a solution

Playschool politics at its best and its worst

Hard to believe how one's perception of world

Can be vastly different than the reality of it

Some believe that everyone deserves a fair shake

Others like to cut corners so that they get it all

Taking advantage of every opportunity placed in front of them

Even when various ones weren't meant to be theirs in the first place

Doesn't seem fair that the freeloaders and the slackers

Get first dibs at every workplace opportunity known to man

While the regular hardworking average joes get missed

Tempted to wear a big neon sign to indicate availability

Affair though it might be misconstrued for something inappropriate

Thought better than being too overt at securing what was mine

Might come off as appearing greedy and opportunistic

Have risen decently so far based on hard work and an honor code

Developed a certain level of respectability amongst peers

Some supervisors have taken notice as well for good reasons

Realized that it was best to stay in one particular work lane

Has worked out so far when it comes to yearly reviews

No need to change my supposed brand message just yet

Not even sure what that means; sounds like a supermarket product

Or a politician instead of a flesh and blood human being

Everyone wants to be seen as themselves and not a quota to be met

Wondered when this dilemma was going to end

Concluded that it was going to be a never-ending story

A seesaw that gets ridden, until someone decides to get off it

Decided that it was time to simply ride the wave

Pack motion sickness pills and determine when enough was enough

Nothing more, nothing less to do.

That's the only possible outcome to do; until something better comes along.

Doubtful though because the song always remains the same no matter what.

Time to ride the seesaw and see where it goes.

Time to ride the seesaw and see where it goes.

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