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Shaken Up By Reality

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Dreams Seem So Pure And Natural

Life can be like broken glass

It can cut you deep

Messy and not easy to clean up

You have to go slow

If we rush

You will pay the price

No easy fix

Mistakes happen

People are a lot like things

No one or nothing lasts forever

The people left behind

Have to deal with the situation

There are two ways to handle it

With patience and caution

Lots of understanding and grace

Is the smart choice

We may chose a different path in the beginning

We can keep wondering why it happened in the first place ?

It will serve us no good

It is over and done

We can't go back

Even though in our minds we will revisit many times

We can move forward

Putting this behind us

It always can be so much worse

If the broken glass was a treasure from the past

A keepsake or a person we loved so much

We had the greatest pleasures for many years

These wonderful moments don't last

The memories we have left

Will give us a good reminder

Enjoy what we have

When it is gone

This time and place

Will be left empty

If we are creative and use our God given talents

Imagination can set you free

Other thoughts not things can fill their spot

So new memories will take the place of the old

It will not be the same

It will be different

We can be set free

To new joys and new feelings

Where we may never forget the pain and the loss

It will become bearable

Our heartaches a little less

Life can be complicated

It is up to us to make it

The way we have always wanted

We can learn to take our dreams

To create a new reality

Where we can experience new treasures of happiness

One day at a time

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