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Shaken, Stirred and Everything Else

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Relieved that the current year was reaching a conclusion

Thought that this one was rougher than most

Been through enough medically and emotionally

Needed a sabbatical from rough waters and everything else

Craved easier terrain and anything with flat surfaces

Sounded a tad silly and childish to only prefer the not-so difficult

Simply wanted to have a break where fear and worry didn't creep in

Carved up and cleaned out like a Thanksgiving Turkey

Displayed as if a prize full of complex and damaged material

Poked, prodded and run through the ringer one too many times

Trapped in a metaphorical spin cycle of medical complexities

Fully aware that there were others in worse predicaments

Trying to get through that thick underbrush of sentiment

To find just enough sunlight to see some natural optimism

Started to make some sliver of progress; until a branch rebounded

And returned a strong unexpected whack to the face

Hit the ground with a resounding thud to only start over once again

Frustrated to be locked in an endless loop of perpetual progress

One step forward and a few more backwards

Looking for meaning in all the wrong and pointless places

Minor impulsive purchases and multiple trips to the store

Compulsively locked in the quest of maintaining a routine

Searching for validation as if my personal judgment failed

A computer program chip that malfunctioned one too many times

Grasping onto any trace of positivity or simple logic

Anything to shake off the noise of gnats buzzing around for weakness

Meager creatures on the prowl for prey even weaker than them

Wished to create a certain type of Happy Hour

That didn't need liquid courage to get by

Ability to enjoy the tiniest of pleasures without the accompanying guilt

Would be sublime to not feel judged for the time being

Ready to enjoy the remainder of the year

Before worrying about what came next

Hopefully, that will happen

Only time will tell.

Becoming the equivalent of a happy hour product.

Becoming the equivalent of a happy hour product.