Shaft Rhymes

Updated on October 25, 2017



WALTER WADE JR. of New York City.
Was a spoiled brat, very wealthy.
His father was a real estate tycoon.
But his money bought him a little room.
A little room to get around a murder.
A murder of an African brother.
He was arrested but released soon after.
Not knowing there was an eyewitness.
DIANE PALMIERI witnessed it.
She ran away and refused to be found.
Could not convict him because she ran from a trial.
He kept getting off after being arrested.
But detective JONH SHAFT made sure he's convicted.
He worked the case from when it began.
Saw the witness when as she ran.
He saw Walter leave the country.
Realizing that he met a special somebody.
PEEPLES HERNANDEZ. Walter was thrilled.
He hired peeples to hunt down and kill.
Diane Palmieri. The eyewitness.
Meanwhile, Shaft looked to fulfill his promise.
To make sure Walter is fully convicted.
So he and Detective CARMEN VASQUEZ.
Started to search for Diane.
They found her but realized they were being followed.
By two men that often posed.
Posed as NYPD's very own.
But really working for peeples to find the mole.
They call Peeples but he stays lowkey.
He comes and a shootout is starting.
The Two men survive it all.
But Peeples brother falls.
Peeples is then lamented.
While Shaft takes Diane to an apartment.
Making sure she is well protected.
Peeples inside men Roselli and Groves.
They were paid so they followed.
While at the apartment, Diane confesses.
That she saw all that happened.
Witnessed it from start to finish.
The father paid her to stay far from it.
Peeples arrives at the location.
Roselli and Groves are killed by Carmen.
Shaft kills off peoples. and the trial begins.
But Walter is killed before walking in.

Samuel Jackson
Vanessa Williams
Christian Bale
Toni Collete
Jeffy Wright
Dan Hedaya
Ruben Santiago-Hudson

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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