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Shadows that Breathe

Keira is just a teenager, a lover and devoted friend of literature.

Ever since I inhaled the sweet sweet wisdom of mystery,
I've been gasping to find any sole sign of realism inside me


With every passing night, I stumble upon lands unknown,
Maybe there's footsteps over the rim of the Nile,
But there's never a single piece of earth by the shore

I walk over the sand, burying my fingers in every territory marked
Before I stumble upon a crystal, squeezing it with fingers on the left
While the right ones stay busy,
Groping every muscle inside my beating heart

I stand adrift, the moonlight shining upon a dusty bridge
Barely rising from the surface of the water unsheathed,
My legs follow with rhythmic dignity,
While my hair's stuck to some timbered leaflet beneath

I try to memorize the counts of my rush,
I try to scathe away the sand with my knee,
Before I tiptoe inside the bedroom hall,
And doze off to my own voice telling me I can never sleep

Curses and blessings look so much alike, one has got to have a sharp soul to tell the difference

— Sherihan Gamal


© 2021 Keira Anand

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