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Shadows of the Rain

Maya Ellenson is keen on creating unconventional poetry and prose, inspired by what the moment reveals.

Cranes after Rain

Hobe Sound, Florida

Hobe Sound, Florida

Pulling Strings of Rain

Entangled with other timelines

of shamans and witches

looking from the endless mirrors

just washed by the rain
with its fine strings in both here and there

playing strange tunes

in a cozy town square -



street musicians creating

uncanny mood music

as the rain keeps drizzling

warm and silky

somehow all lifetimes start seeping into this moment

blending together

casting shadows

perhaps a portraiture repainted over and over

colors dripping down the canvas

like tears



Hobe Sound, Florida

Hobe Sound, Florida

In the Park

Memorial Park, Stuart, Florida

Memorial Park, Stuart, Florida

© 2022 Maya Ellenson

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