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Shadows of Uncertainity


O winds of change! Lurk around the

corner a bit longer.

Give me some time, a chance to be stronger.

A chance to know, a chance to think.

A chance to live life, not just on the brink.

O waves of the new! Hit gently when

you do.

May your freshness rejuvenate me

and not take me by storm.

May you build and chisel, not garble,

my form.

O sands of time! Slow down if

you may,

Let me convince the good old days

to stay,

Some time to judge, what's true and

what's not.

A chance to know who's different from

the lot.

O leaps of fire! Engulf me with light.

Cleanse my inners, purify my spite.

Let me be rational in my experience with transition.

Empower me to rethink and fulfil my vision.

Uncertain I may be, but apprehensive not.

l enter an old scenario, a battle already fought.

With dreamy eyes and a foggy mind.

On a quest to carve a niche, an identity to find.

© 2017 Shreya Chadha

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