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Shadows & Dust

I am nothing but a ghost from Nigeria. Find thandiubani, find me.

Shadows and dust

I became shadows and dust
The day mother slept six feet below
Cold and still like a figurine
I cried my eyes out till
I saw fireflies dancing in my head
Each day became a battle for survival
Life became a basket filled
With sad memories
We wake up each day with promises
Many die chasing their dreams
The world is a lonely place
For the strong
It gets high from our sorrow

Some songs reminds me of the past
It breaks my heart in pieces
Each time I think of mother
I become a sad lovebird
Humming to the sound of her cries
Burning memories at the fireplace
To escape my many demons
When I think of my mother
I think of how love wins a fight
The sound of her voice
When she's happy
Leaves the soul at ease
The good ones do not last here
The earth has a way of
Swallowing them early

Each time I visit Umudike
Fear grips me again and again
About the things I've lost
How love failed me
We are ashes.

thandiubani 2018.

© 2018 Ghostfromnigeria

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