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Shadow Per Brenda’s 22nd Prompt

I'm interested in social issues, relationships, problems of daily living, jobs, exercise, poems and fiction, plus safer living conditions.



Brenda Arledge has given us a new prompt, ‘shadow’, which is number 22. We have the option of writing a poem, story or song. I personally found this word difficult to come up with a good response. My muse was not working!

I tried to write an acrostic poem, but I didn’t like the result. Finally, I started writing a poem about some thoughts on shadows versus sunshine and comparing them to our walk through life.

The unique thing about poetry is that it is a different way to express yourself. I try to express a deeper meaning, and I don’t always succeed. I do hope you enjoy this poem.

Tim McGraw - Humble And Kind


Shadow or Sunshine

When we’re humble we aren’t vane

Love your neighbor it's so plain

The sun will shine for us to see

A shadow of the one in front of me

Live your life with no regrets

Living and loving is no sweat

Put one foot in front of the other

Treat each one like a brother

We see no shadow with the rain

We often focus on our own pain

The shadow is not where to walk

Act now, do not be just all talk

Walking through your long life

Try to live it without any strife

Enjoy the sun's golden rays

Shining on you all your days


Walking On Sunshine - Katrina & The Waves

© 2021 Pamela Oglesby

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