Shadow Lands

Updated on October 27, 2017

Gonna write something like a soldier

Here we go gonna wager another warrior

Shenji at all cost, never lost take a plan

Family underhand, gotta be the hand

Mafia acted up? Fuck ya stand up.

Wartime battlefields memories

Talking white leaf, grown up down the lane up

Strangers? Mad man gonna grab ya

Pistol in the wager closing the soldier

Gonna act up, gonna stand up

Gonna script the switch flip abrupt

Wager? Competitive

Lost in the shadowlands it's nothing]

But now switch hahaha

Coming for you evil menaces

Blood hounds

On the death lose things blue eyes

I see you

Nothing hitting the cash flow

Stop that

Switch it back

Light on time for survival

Gonna take ya out with a bible

We write it on scripture

Dead soldier, nothing war to ya

Walking like a mold, clay in prayer

Back to back attack

Here the fangs

Coward? Moon i have the machinery too

Technology wizard level 9 you feel me?


I make you small rice sneaks look fat

Mentally locked up

Check that, gonna take another crying nothing to take the fame by a name

Fly death

Beneath the cleft my hands are real now

Coming colder than a soldier

Int the menacing opposer

Gonna walk and talk and keep it flowing like i see within my own sight

Its if now condition this is how dogs fight

All dogs go to heaven i’m im’ waging

I won't be going there anytime soon. Passed away homies, later dates, we will be laid, down ass stipper hoe bitch gliders get rich and struggle, yo homie love you, all those with cancer and hope in their heart, pain to start again repeat, let the police scam us, let the fads hit the lio so it can speak, hidden ahaha

Now you see darkness change

Light switch on again

I can breath

You can cell me in hell

And then i’ll be lucifer


Sfuck that cops

We srun streets

Peace homie

Back to piece light wave detonate air

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    © 2017 I am my Own Master


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