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Shadow- A Shield That Protects And A Blade That Pierces

Emee.chan enjoys contrasts in life. They might appear as something opposite, but one can't exist without the other. It wouldn't make sense.

Summary 2

Another inspiration for this poem is the story of Hades and Persephone. I saw a picture of them in a video on Youtube and then I saw Brenda's word prompt for this week and couldn't help but think "Wait, this one describes them perfectly!". We all know their story, how it began and how it ended. This one is slightly different.

My poem is about someone admiring another person from afar, out of sight. He watches her from the safety of his shadow, not daring to be near her and introducing himself to her because he fears he might harm her. So he protects her from himself, while at the same time preventing anything or anyone else from hurting her. He's suffering silently, but he'll take what he can get. I'll leave it up to you to interpret it as you wish. Maybe you're Hades to someone's Persephone or vice versa. Maybe you're watching over someone you hold dear, but you do it in secret for reasons only you know about. Perhaps you think you aren't good enough for someone, so you settled for just loving them from afar, gently and silently. So many meanings can be found, none right or wrong.

Shadows push us to unlock some parts of our personality we didn't know about. We're willing to do something we never thought ourselves capable of. Or better yet, we discover new emotions. We learn to love in obscurity.

Worlds Apart, Yet Close Enough

Light and dark. Life and death. Fire and ice. Spring and winter. A beginning and an ending. Love and hate. Divided, but somehow complementing one another.

Light and dark. Life and death. Fire and ice. Spring and winter. A beginning and an ending. Love and hate. Divided, but somehow complementing one another.

Protective Shadow

He watches her intently,
As she goes about her day,
Unaware of his gaze full
Of longing and despair.

He wishes to be able to
Reach out to her, talk to her,
To just exist in her presence,
But alas, that cannot be so.

He became her second shadow,
Following closely behind,
Silent and still,
Out of anyone's sight.

He can only admire from afar,
Never to be revealed,
Condemned to the obscurity
Only darkness can provide.

His touch is deadly, turning
Anything he so much as grazes with
His fingertips into dust.
His eyes black as onyx,
Piercing and cold, void of life.

She, the pure and lovely one,
She, the being of the light,
She, with a smile of an angel.
She, whose eyes show nothing
But compassion and love.

She is the only one who
Made his dead heart skip a beat.
The only one who could make him
Desire to listen to her soft voice
On repeat.

She is the only being on this planet
He wants to keep safe,
Even if that means protecting her
From himself.

How happy it would make him
To step closer, to inhale her
Flowery sweet scent, to run his
Fingers through her hair, to caress
Her silky soft skin.

His soul calls out to her in need,
Seeking her warm touch to
Tame the beast within.
She is his beautiful nightmare
Plaguing him night after night.

By day, he silently admires,
Keeping her out of harm's way.
By night, he weeps silently,
Only his shadow witnessing
His black tears of heartbreak.

The Rasmus- October & April feat. Anette Olzon (Official Video)

Hades and Persephone.

Hades and Persephone.

© 2021 Emilija Veljković

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