Updated on November 21, 2017

Forget the Past

All the hurt
All the pain
Honestly I felt like they were all the same.
So much disappointment
So much hate
It was all give but no take
We all don't mind at first,
Notice how our eyes are closed?
We open them when it's way too late.
When the love is too far gone,
When the rope is just too long.
A friend once told me I had to learn to let things go to move on in life...
But how can I when with all that time I lost I paid the price?
I'm happy with everything I have now,
Sometimes I even sit and wonder how?
I have such a loving family,
Good friends,
But at the end of the day the depression always wins...
My heart and mind need work,
They need time to mend...
I even ask myself when will all this pain inside end.
I have to learn to keep my family and friends close till then,
Cause without them I'd be nothing.
I thank God for my son,
From his love I know not to run from.
He's everything I've ever wanted,
I'm proud of what I've amounted to,
Not only for him but for her.
My mind goes a million miles an hour,
What I need to find is my power!
I need to be strong,
I need to be here,
Losing them will always be my biggest fear.
Come on you got this!
There is no star for that wish.

© 2017 Michelle


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    • solivagant profile image

      solivagant 5 months ago

      Amazing! I'm more than touched...