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Shades Of Deafness

I stood

An onslaught of

s*&t, f$ck, sh*# f*ck,

time to get the fu*k out of here.


From foot to foot

I sluff my weight

hoping to calm


quake that takes over me, every time

you ask

to see inside of me.

Every time you place

my path further than the length of my fears

s*&t, f$ck, sh*# f*ck,

I can barely hold my phone

so intent to disappear

into the shade of deafness


as all the world and its bots

press me further and further

into the nothingness

of it all

All that's left of me,

all that I can hear

it's more

than this tangent

more than

s*&t, f$ck, sh*# f*ck,.

I shake

my breath caught

a fist clutched inside my chest

I exhale. I inhale.

exhale, inhale

If I can't do this with courage,

I will do it with fear.

I shake, quiver,

I shift

I speak. Finally.

broken sentences

stuttering, tumultuous and




an onslaught of everything

that was nothing.

It wraps around you,

and I can see

It again.

The darkness not so thick

the smog of yesterday

more like yesteryear

and through the quivers

my feet begin

a gait


no dance this time

no gains, from games

Tall and loud I told you it

You quivered and shifted. Moved.

and now, no longer do I quake alone.

© 2021 frankieonfire

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