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Russel is an aspiring creative writer specializing in making cute and cruel stories. Seeking to portray the contents of his delusions.


By: Cresscobalt

He was a great man.

At such a young age,

He figured what he wants;

And started to make his own path

He was doing well.

Had a couple of friends,

A clear way to path to,

And tools to carve his way through

He was about to reach it.

It's one step away

Yet he slipped out,

Found his legs anchored

He turned around.

Immediately, he saw his guardians,

He then started tearing up

Not because he wanted comfort;

But because he's filled with hatred.

There are many people around him

Yet those who have nurtured,

And fed him were the ones who betrayed him

He was then dragged away,

Stripped of freedom,

There's nothing he could do,

He's brought down and shackled.

He was kept in a cage

Like a dog; imprisoned,

Vouching to be set free

He was screaming loudly

Once, he tried to escape.

But the words of his masters pulled him down

Once, he called for help.

But there was no one to see

Twice, he tried to accept.

That he will never get to smile again

And Thrice, he attempted to kill himself!

But he cower against the waiting pain!

At last, a word came out of his mouth

"Why?" he said.

"You shouldn't," they said.

He was never himself in the first place

© 2021 Cresscobalt

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