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Setting New Record #5

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Well the laws of the game and the island have been written and it cannot be altered

Whether you entered the competition for the fun of it or not, he was told that they were

Not concerned that the law ought to be obeyed. He then asks of the leaderships of the land

That they should give him time to reflect on himself, think about the lady he will be

Married to because he is not a sex-monger. The king assent to his request and he was given

A pass to take his time to look well before he leaps on the matter of marriage because it is

Crucial. Though males of the island can marry more than one wife, if they think they can

Cater for them, but because he is new to the system, they agree with him as he starts

Attending the meetings of the leaderships of the land, and all the associated benefits to the

Position he holds were not denied him. It was on him that the law was changed that it is

Not a must for youth leader to be married before attending the meeting of the chiefs in

Council in the island. The most important is winning the competition and the second criteria

Is noticing that the young man has good morals because as representatives he needs that

To be able to represent well his people. Anyone without good morals, the constitution can be

Invoked and he be removed from the position. He was enjoying this position and other

Manufacturing companies from other island do come to him to sign for them and he will

Be used to advertise their products. The money he was receiving from being in the position

Of leadership was very minute to that which he is receiving from other companies all over the

World. However, he was yet single and has been looking forward to the person he will be

Romantically involved with in the island. Out of the ladies who had been sending their

Signals to him he chooses five out of them to try them out. He started with the eldest among

Them, as he maintains casual relationship with others. This lass has been working and he

Will take time to pay her visit, buy things for her, through that means he started to study her,

But he discovers that she was not the type of lady he likes to spend the rest of his life with,

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This was how he studied all of them, and was thinking about a lady whom he thinks

Scores about 65 percent of his tests to be involved with. He was about to decide

To go with her, when an unknown lady, noticeably young than they all are approached him

That she wants him to visit her, that she has some questions to ask from him about the

Leadership of the island. Since it is not a secret thing, he decides to visit her to tell her what

May be obscure to her about the style of leadership of the island. That was how he and this

Young lady started visiting each other. Then he notices that all the attributes he wants in

A lady she possesses, but he was afraid of asking her out because many ladies do not wish

To be romantically involved with someone who is older than them. He soon drops the notion

But the relationship grows and he discovers that he is always at home with her as

Compared with other ladies even the supposed person he has settled his mind on to be

Married to. Then he breaks the restriction and officially asks her out. Contrary to what he

Had thought that the lady would be annoyed he discovers that she was not and was even

Glad that he can ask her out. On this note, he dropped even the one his mind has been built

Around for the youngest lady. They got married and the entire island was agog during the day

Of their wedding, because representatives from different companies that he has signed

With were present in the island. His day of wedding was another day that the income of the

Island was boosted again, because of different foreigners who have come into the island.


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