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Setting New Record #4

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


And in his view if he could be improving with every game as it has been happening

And coupled with the ouster that happened, which he unleashed unto the title holder he

Is strongly convinced that the tenth man on the ranking list would be no match for him

He puts all his money on the game, and in fact went and took loans that the young naïve

Man would beat the tenth person flat in the game as he says he did not believe that the title

Holder has not trained for the game, what happened was just that the man was too much for

And that he believes would happen during the game with the tenth man. Others put their

Stakes on the tenth man while this singular promoter put all he had including the loans he had

Taken from banks and other lending agents on the young naïve man, because he knows that

That would be his breakthrough in the business, because immediately others discovered

Him, they will start competing with him for the young naïve man, and for all you know, the

Young naïve man may eventually decide to sign up for them then. That was the logic behind

What he did for the fight. And then on the day of the competition as if the young naïve

Man had other unseen people who had accompanied him to the ring, he silenced the tenth

Man in seconds as he had did for the title holder. Then the only promoter who had put all

His money on him won jackpot, by the fight alone he became billionaire in the island.

The game apart from crowing the Youth Leader, it is also considered as a means of making

Money in the island, this comes through “betting”, paying to watch the matches among other

Means of increasing the internally generated revenue of the island. And now that the

Young naïve man has caused upheavals, turning tables around in seconds, attentions have

Shifted from the known ones to the unknown ones and especially the young naïve man, he

Becomes the talk of the island, and his news has been spread to other islands which is

Attracting some people from other islands to come and watch his match. Soon other

Promoters started coming to him to sign him up, but he says, he wants to stay with the only

Promoter who had stayed by him when he was not known. The promoters offer were

Juicy ones but he said for now he is not interested in those and he also knows that the

Promoter too having known that other promoters have been coming to him, he will also

Raise the money he has used to sign him up, and even if he does not raise it, he will stay

By him during this first competition because he dares to promote him and then at subsequent

Competitions he will sign for others that he liked and has most juicy offers. This new

Promoter too was amazed at his decision and had increased the offers he had for him. At

The end of the competition he won the competition and was crowned the new Youth Leader

Of the island. By the time the competition would end the revenue of the island has increased

By about 60 percent because people were surprised with what happened and many who

Had loved the game have come from near and far to watch the competition. There was

Nothing that the island were producing that was not touched and the women started saying

May things like this continue to happen, because those who have not been making sales

Before made huge sales especially a day before his fight and on the day of his fight. As he

Was crowned the youth leader, many females have been thronging him because they have

Heard that he is yet single. After winning the competition like this, he is also expected

To have won some ladies heart and he is expected to choose one out of them to be married to

But he was not the type of young man who is ladies freak. Though he saw the signals those

Ladies were sending to him but he was not interested, in fact he was of the mind that if

Possible that the law be re-written so that the person he defeated during the final would be

The one who will be representing the Youth at the King palace he will prefer it.


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