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Setting New Record #3

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


When they got to his grandfather and the woman told him that he needs to decide on

Which location would be good for his training knowing that he had once partake in such

Activities before. After deliberations they choose for him a place extremely far from the

Island which had once been used for farming but now has been left to rest to regain

Its fertility again. The young man leaves for the place and started the training. In the

Meanwhile, for him to know some of the rules of the games, he has asked his siblings

To be visiting the general training camps to be watching their training and any of

The noticeable rules made there, they should pass the information across to him where he

Is training, to adjust himself. Days roll into weeks and then the day of preparation was

Over as the people gathered on the day of the contest to watch the contest to know who

Will emerge as the new champion in the island. No one thinks that there would be major

Upsets at the contest because the present Youth Leader is yet highly active and everyone has

Considered it that he was going to retain his title, after all that has been happening for

Quite a while, he has been retaining the title and position at the King’s table. He was paired

With the new comers those whose names have not been heard of before in the circuit of the

Wrestlers of the island so that he would not have been exhausted before getting to those

Who have been known in the island to be real challengers to the title. For about three

New entrees that the Title Holder met, it was a walk over for him as if he was fighting with

Children. Just as expected the people say, because all the three fights never last 2 minutes

Before he conquered those people. This has been what the people were thinking would

Happen when he meets with the young man from another island who have trained alone

No one had given him a chance too like others, but they were surprised to see that the

Title holder whom they thought would end the game in seconds was the one that was edged

Out in seconds. The people who have come to watch the game could not believe what they

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Were seeing that day and they kept asking themselves that are they sure that the man the

New entrée fought with was really the title holder? And they say he was the one. The news

Of his victory was like a wild fire that gets to the remotest parts of the island within fractions

Of seconds and the people who have not been able to watch the game was blaming

Themselves for not coming to watch the game for they had thought why would they have to

Waste their time and money to watch a game that they had known where it would end at?

Unknown to them that they had been mistaken about this. Thus, the next game of the

Young man which would be meeting with another stronger opposition because they had

Gotten to the elimination stage, people have “bet” on the young man, that if he could win

The title holder like that, it is certain that he is the one to watch out for in the competition

That he is the one who would emerge victorious at the end of the game. His next fight is with

The tenth wrestler in the island according to the ranking. There had been many pep talks by

His coach as he keeps analyzing the mistakes of the title holder that he had underrated the

Young man and that, that was his major albatross for he hardly had time to train for the

Match against the young naïve man for he had thought it would be an easy ride like it was for

Others but how erroneous he was. Thus, the coach of the tenth person on the ranking list

Has increased his training for the young man and people have put their money on him that he

Will win the competition saying the young naïve man should be no match for him. Out of the

Many promoters in the island, it was a Singular promoter who has stuck out his money on

The young naïve man, because he had been following his matches since the round robing

Stages and had strongly believed that he has been improving with every game.


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