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Setting New Record #2

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


The island they live in is more civilized than the island of their nativity. The mother

Of the young man was heavy with his pregnancy when they traveled to the island of their

Nativity to bury her parents. The stress she passed through made her to go into forced

Labor when they returned to the island they live. She puts to bed when the pregnancy was

Seven months old. The pre-term baby was taken care of by the medical personnel in the

Island. After months of staying in the hospital, the woman and the baby were discharged.

She and her hubby put the baby under special watch until he grows up. When he was

Growing up, it was noticed that he used to beat other children in the neighborhood. On

Several occasions have his reports been brought to his parents to sternly warn him that he

Should steer clear of other children in the neighborhood. He obeyed his parents and

Limited his plays with other children. As time passes by he started following his father to his

Workshop. While with his father, he cannot behave unruly. After him his parents gave

Birth to other children, but his siblings were not as powerful and skillful as he was.

During the period of recession, the authorities of the island they sojourn in ask foreigners to

Leave their island within 90 days and any foreigner who fails to leave will be forcefully

Repatriated to his or her island. To avoid them losing many things they left the island

For theirs’. When they got back to their island they were trying to acclimatize into the

Systems of their island, their children were trying to fix themselves up. Then they heard

About the wrestling contest in the island. His mind was stirred up on hearing about this

And he talked with his parents who told him salient things they have learnt from their parents

About the wrestling contest in the island. After he heard all that his parents have to say on

This he went to his grandparents who were yet alive to ask them about the wrestling

Contest. After getting all the detailed information about the wrestling contest, he decides

To register for the contest. He walks into one of the camps where youths who have

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Registered for the contests are training but he was not given room to train alongside with

Others, since this has happened, he went back to his grandparents to ask where he could use

For the training. His grandparents suggested where others were using for training to him

Because through that he will learn the rules of the games better and in case there has been

Changes to the rules he will be told by the coaches and he would be able to adjust alongside

With others. But he told his grandfather that all his attempts to get this done was turned down

By those people and he would need a secret place to be training. Then his grandfather told

Him that he does not have a special place again for the land that he inherited from his father

He has sold when he was in dire need of money. The person that has a place he could use is

His grandmother, for she was the only child her parents gave birth to and according to the

Culture of the island, all the possessions that her parents left behind would be passed on to

Her as inheritance. He contacts her grandmother who was glad to hear him out and she says

Though she has inherited all her parents possessed but according to marital laws in the

Island, since she has not divorced her hubby neither had an occasion of trouble with him

Since the time they have been married, he is the principal controller of all she has inherited

What your grandfather has just done is making it official she told him, for which ever

Area he decides to give you, she cannot say no to it. The young man implores his

Grandmother to let them sort that out once and for all for he desires to start training as soon

As possible. His grandmother arose at once leaving what she was doing to go to her

Hubby to make decision on where they will choose out of the properties for him to be

Training there.


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