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Setting New Record #1

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Wrestling associated with martial arts is the commonest sport for the males in the

Island. Anyone who wins will have access to the king anytime, any day and when

The Chiefs In council are meeting with the king the youth leader is expected to always be

Present at such meetings as the representatives of the you7ths of the island. There was a

Young man whose parents are natives of the island but they were given birth to in another

Island. It was at this island that this young man’s parents met, fell heads over heels in love

With each other and got married at the island. The paternal grandparents of the young man

When they clocked 70 years, because the man and the woman were begotten in the same year

The man was older than the woman by some months, they returned to the island of their

Nativity while his maternal grandparents felt they still had more time and business to

Oversea in the island, thus, they did not return to the island of their nativity like their in-laws.

However, three years after their in-laws have returned to their island, the hubby took ill and

Died on the sixth day of his illness. The love between the man and his wife was

Exceptional for they do everything together, they were like snails and shell, they bathe

Together, go to social gathering together. Any social gathering that the man has been

Invited to that he cannot take his wife along he will not attend the gathering, the same

With the woman, she will prefer to send someone to the gathering to represent her, but in

A case that she cannot send anyone to the social function, then she will count the gathering

As one of those special gatherings that she will not be present. As a snail cannot survive

Without its shells so live this couple and their children had known that when one of their

Parents die, the second would die within months if not within days. Thus, when the man died

All the children have rallied around their mother to comfort her telling her that they will

Become husband to her and all of that. As they continue to say this, the woman keeps on

Sighing heavily, obviously showing that she has been weighed down by the demise of her

Billie Eilish - my future

Childhood lover. Three days after the death of her husband, it was discovered that the

Woman also gave up the ghost. Since the preparation for the burial was still on going as it

Has been stated to them by their parents that they must carry their corpse to their native

Island, they thanked their stars that the woman died even before they carried their late

Father to their native land because they know it would have been additional problems to them

Assuming she had died after their father had been carried to their native land because they

Will have to also do the same for her. Since she has died few three days after her hubby’s

Demise they embalmed their bodies together and carried both to their native land. on getting

To their native land, their in-laws were sad that the duo had died where they had gone to, to

Sojourn. As it is known that we all indebted to spirit of death, their in-laws take solace

In it that, they had come to world, seen things in the world and had conquered in their own

Line, saying it is left for the children to also leave good legacies as their parents have done

And to conquer in their own time on earth. Before their parents could be buried the

People of their native land ask of many things in tandem with the culture of the island.

However because the children have not been accustomed to their island they found

Those things they were asking from them very strange, but they were told by people

Of the island that, that is what their culture states that people like their parents be buried.

After the burial, the children returned to their island and continue to talk about the

Strangeness of the things that were demanded from them by people of the island of

Their nativity for a long time because such does not happen in the island they live in.


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