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Set Them Free

I’m ready to let go of everything that hurts you
It’s just a fortress is easier than an open field
I watch you run towards the horizon, not alone
It’s the trust you have in the hands of a clock
You always know they’ll come back around

It’s always a waste of time, clinging to thoughts
They drag old nerves into the pit only to drown
I don’t have to mow the lawn because it’s a field
The castle is no more, we can wander along
Waiting for the butterfly to tell me I’m home

In between our heart and hide is pleasure
Never pierced, never broken, there I wait
Where imagination conquers insecurities
A conversation begins with who you are
Lilting, alternating strength and weakness

And there is always the chance, I know
That freedom for you is freedom for me
I just have to leave this castle behind
Then we’ll wonder who is free after all
Or wait while the sun sets behind the wall

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