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Sermon Hill

It is in a dream that it will be spoken
Worry not for the well-being of your children
For under soft angel’s wings they will lie still
While you listen to me upon Sermon Hill

Come gather to hear what is true
I’m not here to be tempted by you
Or my will be done by my demands
You already know my commands

Do not bring your pride or shame
In my eyes you are all the same
Laying upon one another like sand
Within the reach of the oceans hand

You will come to observe and remember
A burning bush has not become an ember
You will see how a paint brush creates
And how every man makes mistakes

But what is bigger, you or the fire I lit?
You raise a glass and all because of it
You cannot be happy long enough to know
That life was not meant for fears to grow

I will tell you who killed your leader
And if the Illuminati is really your banker
Did a rich man kill a poor man for his gold
Will a needle allow a camel to pass as was told?

Is this human condition really my fault
Is sin greater than love for your table salt?
Is sharing not something for you to cherish
Is there not enough meaning before you perish

I will tell you everything you ever wanted to know
I will tell you all of this before my time to go
But ask your questions well my children of time
Tomorrow will not care for your face or your mind

It is not the time for you to see Gabriel on your TV
The rapture cannot begin if Jesus knows nobody
The words I did not reveal are the ones you will hear
I may have made many other worlds far and near

So I tell you now every country, every culture
Every person every religion circled by vultures
There is defense, I knows every fact, every thought
Only I have the authority and cannot be bought

No lawyer can look me in the eye for your defense
His words are nothing more than a guilty pretense
I know you live a life trying to blame and justify
Your actions are weighed by the scales of honesty

I tell you now you must forgive everyone you blame
I did not ask you to part the ocean behind a flame
Is it more than a miracle to forgive your enemy?
Have you kept count of seven times seventy?

This is the time to think about fire in the shadows
I will make promises without a floods or rainbows
It is your judgment now that I speak of, even to the dead
Though all will hear, for you there is only one dream instead

Each will have his own as my voice can be divided
The infinite in my being is how the truth is guided
I tell you that grace and faith are a gift to your fragility
To be forgiven means your pride has become humility

Was it a surprise that you already knew these things
Or that I placed upon your souls golden rings?
Will you soon forget the marriage between us now?
Will those who follow ask why we broke the vow?

But yes it is true these words were never spoken
And still we worry about the souls of our children
But under soft angel’s wings we pray for God’s will
And read someone's dream about Sermon Hill

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