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A letter of Inspiration

- BSED- ENGLISH- 2 College Student. - Living with a purpose. - Ambassadors of God.

A letter of Inspiration

I was happy when I met you that day

Since then you turned out to be my friend

You became my shoulder to lean on

In troubles, your hand is always there to lend on.

Slowly you creep through the dark

You seize the air with your hand

And within your soul lives a beautiful heart

Who always crave for love.

And as you entered your legal aged

Wisdom should be imputed

Change should be accepted

And life should be continued.

While Striving for success

There will always be tests

Causing vexation and stress

But do your best and let God mind the rest.

Whether in trial or in fear

Trust His love, trust His care

So don't you fret and fear

For He is always be there.

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