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Serenity by Iohannes Revelacio

My mind floats onto this green meadow,
nearly shutting my eyes while the coldness grows.
Whispers in my ears by this so called breeze,
waited for the warmth of the sun before I froze.

Staring at the clouds, slowly, they're moving;
Overcasting the entire horizon,
realized that raindrops are pouring
over my face and piercing through my bones.

Waking up myself so I can go to shelter,
but my frame has no will to move.
Yes, it's right, it's my best weather;
Where there’s nothing that I should prove.

Staying relaxed and letting my psyche roam.
Like the ocean peacefully flows, overcome this dome.
No matter how strong wave occurs,
I will reach my name in peace I’m sure.

Quest made to conquer this deadly time.
To rule over my fragmented soul.
Guardians of heaven, give me a sign.
Mold me, teach me, use me...
Until I become perfectly whole.

© 2022 Iohannes Revelacio

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