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Serene Smoky Grey Sky

I enjoy expressing my thoughts through poetry, travel, well-being, and business tips.

Smoky Grey Sky

Smoky Grey Sky

Driving along this often travelled two lane highway

With fresh alert eyes i ponder the day

Glancing out at wide open fields I feel drawn

As nightfall starts to approach with calm

An aura of contentment in the light

As it diminishes slowly, fading from sight

The radio songs meld with nature's vibe

And magnify the power and depth of the sky

Riding along getting close to home

I change course to turn down a village road

The 'Barber & Coffee Shop' sign catches my eye

Too late for coffee, but I still peak inside

To see such creative interesting decor

Viewed with a brief glance through the door

I stroll away for a closer view of the sunset scene

The path leads me to yet another sight like a dream

Down a quiet old street frozen in time

A row of 19th century homes, like jewels so fine

I stand still for a moment imagining times long gone by

Moved by the charming village view, and the deep smoky sky.

© 2020 Nella DiCarlo

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