Serendipity RHYMES

Updated on December 3, 2017

Merry Christmas to All

— Ryan Cornelius


It's Christmas time in New York City.
The time when they make it all look pretty.
Just as it's the time for family and friends.
It's also the time when relationships begin.
Saw SARA THOMAS and walked to her.
They met when both had their hands on gloves.
They were in relationships but were in love.
They went and shared dessert at SERENDIPITY.
Sara says fate helps in decision making.
They encounter one another again.
They retrieve things before the night's end.
They consider fate and spend time together.
They even get close to exchanging phone numbers.
But when she is blown in the wind.
She interprets it as a bad omen.
She suggests they put their contact information.
In a way, it can be seen in all nations.
They put it on something unique.
They decided to put it on the money.
The other they put on the cover of a book.
The book will be sold the next day.
If they hook up that will be the way.
Years later Jonathan is engaged.
On the very same day, Sara gets engaged.
They get cold feet as wedding days come.
They attempt to connect to see the outcome.
Wanting to see what fate has to say.
But her friend EVE advises she gives up the case.
Meanwhile, eve gets Jonathan's number.
Jonathan gets Sara's number.
He goes looking to find her.
But instead finds her sister.
She is fooling around with her boyfriend.
Meanwhile, the bad boy Jonathan.
Thinks he is chasing Ghosts.
Means that he likes Sara the most.
Sara doesn't know he's in town.
She is flying back into town.
While she is on the plane.
She has the bill with Jonathan's name.
She makes her way to his apartment.
Heis neighbors tell her about a wedding.
She then sees that it's been called off.
While Jonathan wanders in Central Park.
He sees her jacket left behind.
He uses it as a pillow while he lies.
While he lies in an ice rink show.
Fate finds him gazing at the falling snow.
A glove falls on his chest.
Fate made them think they never met.

John Cusak
Johnathan Trager
Kate Beckinsale
Sara Thomas

Peter Chelsom


© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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