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I hear your agony in the silence,
Of your ever wonderful eyes.
Though a shade of black and grey,
Covered their brilliance,
Your whim enlightens the darkness.
Yesterday was no different from last night,
I know; you have been very strong,
To hold on and fight for your ground.
It’s amazing how you cast away,
All the hurt and pain.
By cascading them with your tears.
They say ‘you’re weak,’
But no, they who speak,
Do not know the power you possess!
Your silence is magical,
For it create many beautiful things,
Such as peace and harmony.
And even if you weep during the cold,
You sound sweet as usual.
No one could replicate,
The tune you can create.

I saw the happiness in your shadow,
Dancing along with braveness.
Defeating your adversaries,
With whit and captivating smile.
Just like the moon,
It’s mysteriously alluring
Appearing in unexpected moments.
Just like the night,
Sudden yet lovely with all its beauty.

I feel your love,
By looking at your soul.
Pure and clean
Free from sin.
They who surrounds you,
Must be one of the lucky people.
To own such treasure,
In one prod of a hand.
It’s transparent,
your intentions and beliefs.
I am proud to be one of your friends.

I smell good fortune,
Around you.
May all your struggles,
Be surpassed by determination.
And your weaknesses,
Be overpowered with inspiration.

Until then,
My friend,
I hope you remain the same,
As Gesselle.
Girl who
Slay her
Sorrows and
Enemies by

© 2019 Shing Araya

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