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Senior Moments and Memories

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Now that I am a senior citizen I decided to write some poetry about the lives of many seniors. Our memories are something we treasure. If we have been able to spend time with our grandchildren, then those memories are such a job. We hope we have impacted the lives of our children, grandchildren and even friends in a wonderfully, positive way.

Most of us have our aches and pains, but we persevere through each day. Certainly we have made mistakes, but we have learned from them. We trust God to the very end of our lives, which allows us to live with that joy.


Becoming a senior citizen is great

It means we survived good and bad

See the wrinkles when we smile

Seniors have no reason to be sad

We have arthritis in our backs

We feel aches as we rise to stand

Closer to the end of life these days

This doesn’t stop our daily plan

Wrinkles imply wisdom gained

Grandchildren to spoil we found

Cooking supper while we stand

Family is then gathered all around


Mistakes were made, just a few

Lessons we learned to not repeat

We learn to trust our God always

Until our long life is thus complete

Senior friends are a treasure

Each grandchild more than a friend

Never wasting any opportunity

We know we are nearing the end

Gramma is the glue for the family

She guides each person with a nod

Over the years many sweet memories

Roar to the end of life praising God

We have enjoyed life in many ways

Our precious memories we hold tight

Life has been good most of the time

We live our lives until we see glorious light

Acrostic Poem

Senior citizens have gained wisdom

Every mistake gave us a lesson

No regrets weigh us down

In every moment there is love

Over time we did our best

Reaching the end with no regrets

Alan Jackson - The Older I Get

© 2022 Pamela Oglesby