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Semper Fi! Today is a Good Day to Die


Denise is a freelance writer of many genres, an animal rescuer and advocate, and a spirituality and paranormal enthusiast.


“Semper Fi!” I heard you cry.

“Today is a good day to die!”

Taking life is a learned skill to be performed without remorse

Along the blood soaked ground of a political course.

With belief in duty and honor you carry out the deed,

Oblivious to the fact that it’s for another man’s greed.

His hatred and selfishness are what spur the war.

Yet, it’s families and homelands that are in the battle torn.

You sacrifice your heart, your soul, and your civility

For a ruler who proclaims you are fighting to be free.

How free are you now from the horrors of his war

With your mind, heart, and soul forever dark with remorse?

“Semper Fi!” your nightmares cry.

“Today is a good day to die!”

© 2018 DC Ziese


Asad Dillz Khan from United Kingdom on October 29, 2019:

Very beautiful piece of writing DC! This poem is really a voice of love. And I think soldiers of every country need love and sympathy from their nation. They are facing every trouble and difficulty for our safety and for the peace of his country. They are also humans but they can't live according to their wishes, they live according to the order.

Thanks for writing and sharing this amazing piece of writing....

DC Ziese (author) from Virginia, USA on October 26, 2018:

Miebakagh Fiberesima, thank you so much for your comment! I am so sorry for the loss that your country has endured. Humans can be so ignorant and hateful. Sadly, soldiers are like programmed machines who merely follow orders, and blindly sacrifice themselves and others to carry out a political agenda. But, the personal and spiritual effects are catastrophic, and everlasting. Bless you, and your country. I wish you peace, love, and joy! ~D

Miebakagh Fiberesima from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA. on October 19, 2018:

Hello, DC Ziese, soldiering can be interesting. Left, right, left right, their go; attention and the soldier stand still. At ease, he or she relaxes. But when it comes to war they kill as you say. Yes, soldiers are trained to fight and kill fellow soldiers and other human beings.

They are this ODI experience in my in my country Nigeria. It was not on war. But the then elected President Olusegun Obasanjo, a retired military general send some selected troops to ODI to seek for missing armed personals. The fishing village was destroyed, and he was called to order by the National Assembly. Things like that can not be taken for grant. For upward to 0 years, compensations are still lingering in the courts of law.

The training soldiers receive, it seems to me that they do not care even for their personal lives and families, nor others.

This is an excellent poem on soldiering, the first ever that I have read. Thank you for sharing this masterpiece. Have a nice weekend.

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