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Semper Fi! Today is a Good Day to Die


Denise is a freelance writer of many genres, an animal rescuer and advocate, and a spirituality and paranormal enthusiast.


“Semper Fi!” I heard you cry.

“Today is a good day to die!”

Taking life is a learned skill to be performed without remorse

Along the blood soaked ground of a political course.

With belief in duty and honor you carry out the deed,

Oblivious to the fact that it’s for another man’s greed.

His hatred and selfishness are what spur the war.

Yet, it’s families and homelands that are in the battle torn.

You sacrifice your heart, your soul, and your civility

For a ruler who proclaims you are fighting to be free.

How free are you now from the horrors of his war

With your mind, heart, and soul forever dark with remorse?

“Semper Fi!” your nightmares cry.

“Today is a good day to die!”

© 2018 DC Ziese

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