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Self-Portrait. Friday's Inspiration 27, to Patrecia Canosa

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.




Light dances, Your bewildering eyes ascending,

To a nameless void. I’m enamoured by Your Silence--

The radiant glint in Your smile, that supernal gaze,

As if in communion with the sweetness of the Unspoken.

I scan for a breath not visible. Somehow, I know

You’ve gone beyond this mortal coil, as the eyes

Flicker, and yet, it is still Yours’s to command. Slowly

You return to the bodily temple and smile, even as

I swoon in Delight, receptive to the gift of inner stillness.

For centuries, great Emperors were bewitched by

Your beauty. They fell, trying to put You in fetters;

To grasp at the blue rays of Your infinity, not knowing

That, like the Phoenix unencumbered in the timelessness

Of cosmic space, You cannot be bound by Your own creation.


Some put needles in their veins in search of You, while

Many wallow in the abyss of loneliness and fear, grasping

In the darkness, unconsciously spiraling towards Thy Light.

You’re with me, speaking, yet silent, visible; not

Visible. I cup my hands in prayer, as You laugh with the

Willow, sing arias with the nightingales, satisfy a lover’s forlorn

Heart, with the wafts of lavenders and roses! Where are You

Not? Even the radiance of suns and moons, glimmer in Thy name.

You’re in the breeze and the naivete of a child’s heart. You

Sustain me on the battlefield of life; shed copious tears in

The hearts of the downtrodden. You fly ‘cross the horizon on

Song-bearers; hide in the indigo of rainbows, even as the butterfly

Flaps its golden wings to Your symphonies. You are me and I am You.

I am the small puddle merging into a stream of living water,

An Amazon to Your great Ocean of the Unknown. I am a raindrop

Falling from a sky I fail to recognize as You, until the river takes me

To a Source where I merge, and re-discover my true nature. For

You are my Self-portrait, my Ocean in the drop, and You and I, are One.

Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 1st June 2022


"Man is God, in the finite form of his existence,

God is man, in the infinite form of His existence." - Sri Chinmoy

Wisdom from the Master

"We wander from room to room,

Hunting for the diamond necklace,

That is already around our necks." - Rumi

God as Spirit

© 2022 manatita44

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