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Seize the Day


Seize The Day and Take a Break

Seize the day and take a break

After all it is what you make of it, that matters

Pick up your languid spirit

Revive your body and mind that lies in tatters

Find yourself a place in the sun

Treat yourself as number one

Enjoy the scenery enjoy the time

Relax and unwind, a feeling so sublime

As your body unfurls like a flower in Spring

Your heart will likewise want to sing

Lifting your wings and soaring the thermals

Eagle like and energized from the kernel of your being

Not too difficult to make the changes

Till you feel and see what life arranges

Attitudes and emotions really set free

Carried along by breezes of positivity

Don't underestimate love and fresh sir

Love yourself you should dare

Cling to God and His grace you share

Loving others will be easier then and your future so clear.

Enjoy the day

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