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Seeking to Find


If I seek, I will find,

What am I seeking,

Is it spiritual, soulish, materialistic, natural

Physical, psychological, philosophical, figuarive?

This is when I can determine, how I must seek,

This is my question!

Diligently, relentless of all opposition, I should seek,

Finding without looking in the right places,

Is a hindrance, and fumble to seeking,

Not seeking, means I may not be interested

In finding, or seeking,

Once I begin to think, and I am cognizantly awakened,

To what, and how I must think,

The value of thinking is what I find,

I can qualify my thoughts,

Stimulation massages words lodged in the mind,

To seek more information on the issue,

Logic, and reasoning are essential components,

In the thought process to raise the intellect,

To higher heights of consciousness,

When I seek to think,

A logical structure emerges,

When the logical structure emerges,

The illogical structure collapses,

Understanding braces the stance,

So I find what it is I seek.