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Seeking for Light in the Dark Future

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


She has been finding things

Difficult not after moving to

The family house in the

Extreme of the town

Though trying to cope with

Situations while alone not before

She was retrenched which forced

Her to swallow the bitter pills

Returning to the family’s building

When she couldn’t afford to

Pay the house rent. She

Was warmly received by others

Though her actions since

She secured the employment was

Nothing to write home about

Nonetheless her parents believed

That irrespective of how

Terrible one’s child is, she

Shouldn’t be chase to

The lions to kill

Others have not left home

Since their graduation, they are

In the family house

Because securing jobs in the land

Is like seeking for hidden

Treasures in the deepest of

The oceans. How would someone

Who knows not how to swim?

Find such treasures? Even a

Person who knows how to

Swim would make oceans and

Seas his abode to isolate such

Akin to this is the

Plight of the commoners and

Average men’s children in the

Land to secure jobs

They perhaps have to be

Jobs. To be employed they

May make their abode among

The companies, ministries and parastatals

Ironically even at that they

May have to belong to

A political party or know

Someone who knows a creme-de-la-crème in society

Know someone who knows senators

It wasn’t like that during

Their parents days for assuming

So, they would have been unable


To achieve the little they

Achieved, I doubt if they

Would have married each other

Neither give birth to ‘em

Things wert relatively easy during

Their days, for everyone was

Given level playing ground therefore

Whatever anyone is doing

Good projections could be made

Of what would happen a decade

From then, this is followed

By good planning by many a one

In this dispensation far be

It like heaven is far

From the earth so is level

Playing ground good projection cum planning

“Rarity’ was the occasion when

She secures employment, family’s all

Thought had been she ‘d

Be the savior of other siblings

Alas! Their dreams were

Cut short with her retrenchment. Now

At home with others seeking

For light in the dark future

Shall they be able to

Find light at all in

A future that’s full of

Uncertainties and mirage?

A future that’s no future

A future that looks bleak

And gloomy a future that

Presents itself in the dark ages

The way to the future

Is full of cobwebs, that thick

Like fishermen’s nets that

Fishes cannot escape from

How would they cross to

The other side? How would

They find way to the

Other side. Is there a way at all?

Is there future at all?

They seriously doubted if anything

Called future exists. All thoughts

Stories and projections about it

Are mere illusions. They should

Continue to live as they

Are living such thoughts and

Ambitions for they are fairy tales.