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Seeing the Ray of Light of Hope #5

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


He is really student friendly he replied his friend because what he told them in lecture hall

That day is like a father talking to the children and or some motivational speakers speaking at

Some auditoria to earn money he says. I see his friend replied him adding that we used to

Enjoy his lectures and there are students from other departments who used to join them at

Times, because he usually makes his lectures lively. After they have had nice moments

Together he sees his friend off to the bus stop where he boarded bus back to his abode. How

True it is what this lecturer says, he keeps reminiscence on what the lecturer has said, and

Decides that he needs to let go what other people have counseled him about forgoing

Academics and had to return to school, he had to give it all it takes to be educated. Thence he

Had to re-enroll for the external examination again as it is said that Edison tried the

Experiment for over three thousand times before success came his path. If he had stopped at

2,999 times of experimentation, no one would know what he has done, all that would be said

Of him was that he was a failure. I do not want that to be spoken about me, he says, I

Need to break this jinx. He also re-enroll for evening coaching periods and gotten all the

Necessary textbooks that would enhance his success in the external examination that he has

Enrolled for. He usually ensures that nothing stops him from doing all the assignments

That the tutors have given them at the coaching center, and by this it was not surprising that

He has equipped himself well for the examination, and a person who was being taught before

Now becomes someone who starts to teach some of his colleagues at the coaching center

Before the examination. He cleared all the papers he needed for the course he wanted to study

In the university. The people were happy for him especially his friends, and he was admitted

Into the university to study for the course he has dreamt of. He was enrolled to study law

In the university and he finished strong and well. When he was being interviewed by the

Campus reporters of the secret of his success in the university because they have learnt that

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Many of his agemates are those who even lectured him in the university. His response to

Them was that his friend was his stimulant, he was the one who gave him the morale that he

Can do what he has just achieved that they all could see now. Then he adds that he could not

Remember what changed his story and it was the lecture he heard from a lecturer friendly

Professor one day that he visited his friend in the university. All that the lecturer said that day

It was as if he has known that there was someone on seat who wants to give up a laudable

Pursuit of his and he uses the illustration of Thomas Edison an American inventor how he

Had not let anything stand between him and his success. It was this story that changes his

Thought and he decides that come what may he will pursue his career. Today I thanked the

Professor, though he did not know me and thanked my friend for his words of

Encouragement and support always. When he started practicing he was defending the

Helpless in the society saying he knows what he has passed through to get to the position he

Is and would not want others to cheat those who do not have in the society. For what he

Was doing he received awards from the continent and the world leaders.


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