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Seeing the Ray of Light of Hope #4

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Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison

After he has finished his carpentry work one day in the island, and that day was a

Suigeneris day because the man whom he works for was rich and when he sees his works he

Was impressed and told him that no one has done the kind of work he did for him among

Those people who have been working for him, thence, the man gave him additional

Money to his charges and gave him foods to take home. On seeing that he has made much

Gain that day, his mind was restless on what he wants to do, but he did not know why his

Mind has been restless, he keeps on searching through his mind to know what it was that

Could necessitate that to him, as he keeps searching his mind for an answer, his mind in the

University crossed his mind, and he decides that he will pay him a visit, since the day is still

Young and the university is not far from where he lives. He tells himself that when he

Gets to the school he will take his friend to one of the fast food joints to buy things for him

There before he leaves because he has been a wonderful friend to him when all other people

Have forsaken him because he failed the High School final examination papers he has

Always been there for him and with him never leaving him nor forsaking him and since he

Has made a lot of gains today he wants him to also feel the impact he says to himself. On

Getting to the campus, he went straight to his room but he was not there and asked from

Some students he had seen around and he was told that he has gone to the lecture and told

Him where. He went to the lecture theater to meet his friend, on getting to the place he

Discovers that the lecturers were yet to be around and as he was searching for his friend,

He asks from someone who points to him where he is, and he walks to him they embraced

Each other and as they were about talking the lecturer arrived and he entered into the lecture

Hall with him sitting by his side. The lecturer was lecturing them on the inventors of

Bulbs and light that day. He made mention of Thomas Edison whom he said had hearing

Impairment at the age of twelve due to scarlet fever which was common during their days he

Peter Gabriel - Don't Give Up (ft. Kate Bush)

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison

Finds it hard to cope in the schools he attended and it was his mother who taught him how

To read and write at home. However as he continues to learn this, he was also experimenting

Many things. He would not have become a success in inventing the light because he had tried

It for over three thousand times before he was successful assuming he had given up when

He tried it the one thousandth or two thousandth times, he would have been a failure and

People would not have reckoned with him today but he keeps on trying until he tried for over

Three thousandth time and he gets the answer that he has desired to have. The lecturer

Thence told them that they do not have to give up, when their mind is on something because

There are many forces in the world that we are combating with, and anyone who has given up

People would not reckon with all his attempts, in fact they would not know it, what

People looks at is results it is those that have results that people recognizes, when you are

Failing at the initial phases of your life, keep the hope alive, keep trying do not give up and

Know that your success is close by than when you have started. As the lecturer was

Stating this, his mind was telling him that for this purpose you have come to this place today

Not even for the purpose of seeing your friend, because the Powerful Being wants me to hear

Motivational words that was why he has brought me to this place to learn under the feet

Of this unknown lecturer. Soon the lecturer finishes and left the hall. He was elated that he

Was under the lecture. Took his friend to the fast food joint as he has had in mind, played

With him, and then left for his abode again. as he was doing all of these he cannot take

His mind off what the lecturer has said, and he asks his friend about the lecturer who told him

That he was their best lecturer in the department, for he is student friendly.


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