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Seeing the Ray of Light of Hope #3

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


After reaching this peaceful resolution with his wife, they decided to leave the island for

The island where the world Bank Project was on going, and he was left behind in the island

Because he was getting close to the final stage in the high school and they do not want to

Truncate his academics because that has been their dreams that he would become

Educated and he will deliver the family from their pains and poverty. He was also left behind

Because they know he had learnt some arts of carpentry from his father and he can take care

Of himself. After they had left, he becomes a mobile carpenter to fend for himself and

Sponsor himself in the High School. From the money he was able to raise he could pay his

Examination fees but because he did not prepare well for the examinations and because he

Lacks textbooks he could not pass the examination like many of his High School mates.

Albeit despite this he never gave up the hope, he never gave up the dream of becoming

Educated in the island. He knows his family’s financial status and he bothers not to compare

Himself with other children in the island neither did he compares himself with any of his

Mates. However fate brings him close to a friend, who is one of the brilliant student in their

School and as they continued their friendship he has to open up to his friend what he was

Passing through and that he will need his assistance to overcome the mountain before

Him. His friend agrees that he will be teaching him some of the subjects so that he will make

The next examination that he has registered for as an external candidate in the island. He will

Go to his friend’s place in the evening after he has finished working for people in the

Island to learn from him. Soon an obstacle rose to his studies, because his friend secures

Admission into university and he has to leave for the institution. Well he promises himself


That he will be squeezing his time to visit him in the institution to learn more about what

He has not understood in his studies. As he does this he continues to register for the

Examination, and he discovers that he was improving with time, for some of the courses he

Was failing before he was no longer failing but the only problem that he was yet to

Overcome was the issue of mathematics, he has not been able to pass the course and

According to the curriculum of the island, he needs mathematics for whatever he will do.

Some people have been advising him to shift his focus from academics and face his

Carpentry work, Afterall there are people within the island who do not go to school who are

Into full time carpentry work and who have made it, they told him that he will also make it

And should not consider himself with his parents, he has more education and

Qualifications that his parents who did not finish elementary schools and they believed with

His certificates his mates would be given him contracts. After those people have advised him

Thus, he was about to give up on continuing the academics too as suggested by the people

Because all that we want in the world is money, living well, and been able to feed one’s

Family and certificates will not do that for anyone, what will bring that to pass is money,

Everyone who goes to university and or other institutions of higher learning too goes

There to possess a certificate which they will use in earning money, and if he can be earning

His money early in life, there is nothing bad in it, they had told him, before his mates who are

In university starts earning money he would have gone and no one among them would be

Able to push him to the back among them, they had reasoned with him. For weeks he keeps

On perusing this in his mind, and had withdrew himself from any further learning from his

Friend and the evening classes he was attending he stopped attending because what they

Had spoken to him makes sense.


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