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Seeing the Ray of Light of Hope #2

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


After passing the night there, the man asked them if they had any dime on them, and they

Replied that they had some amount on them it was with the little sum they had that the man

Got a small room for them to be living in. They have used all the money they had in mind to

Start business with, and they had to source for another money to start their businesses

Which is selling cooked foods in the island. Since the island has just been carved out from

Different islands, there are many ongoing projects in the island of building the secretariat of

The government, building houses among other things by the government of the island,

Thus, they had no problem getting themselves attached to some bricklayers to be working

With them as casual workers. Through this they were able to raise money to start selling their

Foods again. having raised the money to be selling foods, they started selling foods to

Those bricklayers on different government sites and were been paid. It was from this that

They made money to go and set up their own canteen as they had seen some women doing in

The island. It was while her mother was working with her mistress that his father saw her,

Having followed her own master to the island too as contract staff to work on some of the

Government buildings under construction. They started to get along with each other when

They came across each other, and when the young man decides that he wants to get

Married his mother would not tarry to take him to her people who consented to their marriage

And they got married not long afterwards. After their marriage and they started having

Children they used to tell their children the history of their lives and what pushed them to

The position that they were and would tell their children that they need to give it all it takes to

Break the chain of poverty on them, and in doing this, they had tell them that they needed to

Be educated, though education is yet coming up within the republic, but with time they

Are convinced that it will be the main thing and it would push down some other works. This

Sayings have sunk into the minds of their children and every time they used to think of how


To break the chain of poverty on them through education. But when they were young

Things were not easy for them education wise, because their parents then were not securing

Enough jobs to maintain the family thence, they were unable to buy textbooks they required

In schools for them. Because of this those children have slow academic growth. As they

Often had to repeat some of their classes before they could be promoted to the next class by

Their teachers. Because of the inability to get them needed textbooks required, the young

Man failed the final examination of the High School in the island. Albeit, before his final

High School examination, his father had migrated out of the island, because there was little or

No job that he was doing in the island, and he has on countless numbers of time go a begging

From friends and relatives before he could feed his children, even the money he gets from

His friends were not able to feed his children let alone taken out if the sum. His children and

Wife are his priority, he counts his life nothing all he wants was to feed his innocent children

Which he and his wife have called into this world of sins and inequalities. It was during

This period of hardship that he heard of a world Bank project in the North Western part of the

Island and many artisans have gone there and brought good report of the land to him. After

Making inquiries into the place, and he discovered that he could get place where he will

Put his wife and his three children that he will be taken along, he discussed this with his wife,

Who agrees with him that they cannot continue to beg friends and relatives before they feed

That they should leave the island, after all they have got nothing in the place that they can

Say they are staying back to look after. She was the one who however added that they need to

Leave him behind because he was at the echelon of his academics in the High School.


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