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Seeing the Ray of Light of Hope #1

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Roadside food Hawker

Roadside food Hawker

His parents’ had wanted to go to school when they were young but they could not go to

School because their parents’ were not able to raise the money to send them to school

Therefore after they had finished elementary three during the period when education has

Been introduced into the island, they had asked them to drop out of the school and his

Father was enrolled under a man who is a carpenter in the island to be learning carpentry,

While his mother was given as a servant under a woman who was selling cooked foods in

The island, to be learning how to cook foods for sales so that in the future she will also

Know how to sell local foods. When the master of the young maid noticed that the people of

The island were not buying cooked foods as she had thought, she and her friend who also

Sells cooked foods in the island decided that they need to leave the island for another

Island that has been carved out of about four islands to be selling foods there. The Mistress of

Her Mother asked her friend how they will do it, where they will stay there for she knows

No one in the newly carved out island and her friend had replied her that she has family

Members there who had been imploring her to come even before the island was carved out

Of many islands, that anyone of them would gladly take her into their midst. She asks that

When she asks her to follow her would she be accepted there, for it is not good for her to

Leave the reality for unreality, the Divine has plans for everyone and at her own right time

Things would fall into right places for her, she replied her friend. Her friend told her that she

Should not worry, that her family members were living in a big houses there, for they had

Been working with the colonial masters before the republic regains her freedom and as the

Information she has gathered of them, all of them are living in a big house and many of the

Carole King, You've got a friend

Rooms are empty that she is sure that there wouldn’t be any problem with accommodation

When they get to the place, outside that, she tells her friend that has she forgotten the

Proverbs of the elders that says, “when there is love, even a small room can accommodate

Hundred people to live in”, if they have love they would live together in a small room she

Has told her friend. In addition to this her family members would advise them on where they

Can establish their local canteens at where they would be making more money before they

Have deeper knowledge about the island they are going. She agrees with her and gets her

Things ready, while she goes and inform the parents of her mother thbat she wants to leave

The island for the newly carved out island. When her grandparents heard this, they told her

That their daughter has been handed over to her to train her on the art of selling cooked

Foods and she should take her along with her. She was not thinking that her grandparents

Would allow their only daughter to follow her, but as they had allowed for her to follow her

She’s gotten no option than to take her along. She asks that the young maid go and get her

Things, her parents told her there is nothing much for her to get that she should wait and her

Things are already in a small container and they brought it out as she left the island with her

Mistress for the unknown island. When they got to the island, it turns out that what her

Mistress’ friend had said was not totally true, it was true however, that she has people living

in the newly carved out island, but it was complete fabrication that they were living in a very

Mighty houses. The day they arrived at the island, they had hard times locating the house

Of one of her mistress’ friend’s brother’s house and when they eventually located the house,

The wife of her Mistress’ friend’s brother would not allow that they live with them, thence

The man has gone to one of his friends to put them there to pass the night.


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