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Seeing You I'm Hurt: You Give Me a Lot of Beautiful Memories

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Seeing You I'm Hurt

Gray clouds cover the sky

Like my heart is grieving
Tears can't be stopped
When tightness fills the chest cavity

Seeing you I'm hurt
Seeing your post I'm sick
But blocking is not a mature attitude
Avoiding is also not a solution

No matter how far I run
No matter how far I go
Hiding, disappearing from your reach
Everything will never end

I want to face everything
Proving to the world that I'm strong
I have matured in attitude
Can solve problems without hiding

However, my heart still beats when I see you
See your posts on social media
Remembering all our stories
Memories with you

I'm hurt, but I can only be silent
Silence accepts the bitter truth
Learn to make peace, even though it feels very difficult
Learn to understand that we are not worthy

Adiva Azzahra,
Gowa, February 24, 2021.

© 2021 Adiva Azzahra

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