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Love Seeds

Gardens of life grow with seeds of love. Tend your love garden by plucking out weeds of evil.

Garden of Love


Seeds of Love

This poem was inspired by a HubPages friend: Brenda Ariedge.

In my garden of life, I only plant seeds of love,

My seeds are germinated by Rain-Angels above.

I pulled from my beautiful love garden weeds of jealousy, rumors, hate, envy, spite, distrust and doubt,

Their evil vines will pierce the hearts of unbelievers, and will make me shout, "Get Out-Get Out!"

Love is not a color, race or country---it is pulses from the heart to others love receivers,

Radars of emotions live within the souls of all believers.

No evil weeds or vines live in my garden of love,

It is watched by my Angel who waits for me from Heaven above.

Rose Garden


Our Garden of Love

© 2022 Barbara Purvis Hunter

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