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Seeds of Inspiration. Thursday's Homily for the Devout 24, to my Habibi Misbah Sheikh

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Temple of the Heart


Wisdom from the Master

Awake, awake, O sun, O moon and stars,

Awake in my Heart Citadel

And wipe the flow of my tears." - Sri Chinmoy

"My heart longs to be dissolved In wings of air

And fly in the unhorizoned sky.

I long to open up all my heart-doors

In the delight of my liberation-life.

May my life begin with the breath of a new hope." - Sri Chinmoy

Come! Enter the Citadel of The Heart

Come! Enter the Citadel of the Heart

Where my Beloved dwells. Offer your bitter

Fruits; your grey mists of darkness; the toil

And strife you experience in this troubled world.

Give Her your phantoms; the dark clouds

That cling like webs to your raiment, stain

The Light of your soul with ink that runs red,

Across the snow-white purity of Love’s regal robes.

Come! Watch my Beloved, as She alchemize your

Uncomeliness, transmuting your pains; the sad drops

From weary eyes; the deep customary sighs of a

Breath too burdened by desires; longing for liberation.

Watch how She churns the anger into sweetness

Like good wine; resentments into the most glorious

Gold; turns fear and loneliness into a candescent Lustre.

My sweet angel, fireflies will dance in your glimmer,

You will grow wings and ascend to shooting stars;

Cradle the lap of Andromeda. But first, you must come!

Awaken Her Heart in sweet surrender. Let Her taste the tears;

Beat on the drums of your agony of longing, and all will be well.

Come! Enter the Citadel of the Heart where my Beloved dwells. Come!

- Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 11th August, 2021.

Sky children of the Light


Children of The Light. A Sonnet

When times are hard; things don’t seem right,

The fog is dense, and day seems night.

We’re insecure like thieves in flight,

The Path is tough; no love’s in sight.

When fear and sorrow, pierce your being,

Seemingly attacked by things unseen.

And times are dark, the way seems mean,

You feel your life is full of din.

When lack of hope doth reign supreme,

Replaced by fears and inner screams.

No faith is there, no soothing streams,

To calm the darkness of your dreams;

Hold on, somehow, you’ll get respite,

For we’re all children of the Light.

-Manatita, The Lantern Carrier 8th August, 2021.


Seeds of Inspiration

Do not fret, my sweet kindred Spirits! East, West, white, black or other, Lantern says that you are naught but the Light of the soul, a spark of the Supreme Spirit.

Like me, you came here to glorify or manifest Its name. Sheep cowers in flocks when the Shepherd is missing, but you are more than sheep, for the Shepherd is your breath, ascending to the Light of Paradise (Jannah).

All is His, my friends. You and I, with our deliberately given egos, like one who is awake by day, thinks that we are separate. Yet in deep sleep, there’s an inner wakefulness, that nourishes life and sustains the frame. This field of Dharma (Righteousness, duty), is naught but the experiences that strengthen the soul.

Life, death, untimely demise, are all under Loves command and the varying cycles of evolution that trouble us, have always been here. Wasn’t the Romans, Moghul Emperors, Ming Dynasties, nay, even Neanderthal man, all subjected to strive and suffering? Pestilences, war, bigoty and greed, have always been here. Yet we must grow!

Nothing is new, save the constant wheel of evolution … the self-transcending Love, hiding and revealing Itself, through adversity and challenges. You are the immortal Spirit my dear ones. Do not weep!

Love came to me and said: “You are the instrument of my Higher Light. How else will I manifest my Lila, my sweet game Divine? You are the seed and I am your Gardener.

Since You are more than a mother’s child to me, then at the appointed time, I will send the rain, manure and fertile soil to ensure, that your harvest is bounteous … plentiful. O friend of the immortals, do not weep!



Seeds of Inspirations (Cont'd)

You are an illustrious beacon, no less than the sunsets and horizon and at the appointed time, I, Your Supreme Alchemist, will use you, my mariner, to steer other passengers to the golden shores of the Beyond.

For now, play as best you can on life’s harp, for this world is nothing but the Beloved’s music. Don’t you see rays at nights, and how the stars dance with moonlight?

Dawn awakes, each time more filled with wonders; a new promise to manifest a Higher Light. Each second is different and nothing is the same. For even as the nightingale sings, the daffodils rise and the petals of the jasmines offer their redolence to the swaying breeze at daybreak.

Spring awakes as the sunrise laughs merrily, nourishing and replenishing this magnificent season. Watch how you open to Love. If you notice the lustrous glimmer, you will not find the time to bemoan your scars, so necessary, as Love longs for us to be pure and loving, as forgiving and compassionate as She is.

Be silent, cup your hands in obeisance, offering gratitude to the One who is within and will never leave you. For Jannah (Paradise) is within, in the ascending realm of the Invisible.

Yet it is in the ocean and the moon and stars; in Andromeda and the dark clouds of war. For all is at the mercy of Loves’ doing. Do not fear, my crushed angels, for your potential is quintessentially a Light, even more powerful than that of the Seers of yore. Yet evolution is still in motion, and so far from perfect! Do not fear!


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