Seduction and Rebellion: Living on the Edge Errol Flynn Style

Updated on January 11, 2020
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Came into Hollywood around the time of the adventure film boom

Fit right in with his looks, charm and ability to carry off the action

Managed to find quick success after Captain Blood that led to more films

Sadly, ended up being typecast in his role choices either by accident

Or potential influence from the films studios looking at him as a commodity

Not as a talent looking to move through the studio ranks

Of course, he was able to carry his roles with some level of campiness

He took his roles seriously, but with enough humor to laugh at the situations

Ended up always played the swashbuckling charmer onscreen

Who could talk his way out of any dangerous situation

Just as quickly as he managed to enter them

Paired with his favorite leading lady Olivia de Havilland in 12 films

A perfect sparring partner that presented a clear screen chemistry

Unfortunately, it was only on the screen and not in real life

Not sure if Flynn could ever have been tamed enough by love

Was married three times in the course of his life

Partied and romanced his way around the world over

Burned the candle at both ends several times over

Never took care of his health and lived like there was no tomorrow

Died at the age of 50 in 1959 due to various health problems

That involved from mostly his hard charging lifestyle and his vices

He loved to drink and play the field with various attractive women

It was the latter that often caused some controversy

A statutory rape trial in the early 1940s involved two charges

Of Flynn's rumored preference for younger girls

He was acquitted but his romantic image was forever tainted

Flynn's career continued on but his age and scandalous life

Led to some trouble in maintaining consistent film work

Money troubles and a mid-1950s comeback showed that

He still had some staying power as long as he played to his strengths

By playing the dashing charmer who loved to play

Have adventures, but couldn't be considered for anything too serious

A shame that some actors never have the opportunity to take risks

Play a different type of role to branch out

Came up in Hollywood at the wrong time though

Nothing wrong with being good in a certain genre

Not every actor can play the same roles

Regardless, Flynn played the swashbuckling troublemaker well

The Adventures of Robin Hood showcased his finest abilities

And his chemistry with de Havilland as they fought through their love

Remember Flynn at his most charming and not his most controversial

He might have played it very dangerously, but at least he tried

That's all anyone could ask for.

Flynn and de Havilland in one of their 12 films together.
Flynn and de Havilland in one of their 12 films together.


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