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Seduction Of The Sea


Seduction Of The Sea

Your bed of wet water,

always look like an ocean canvas picture.

Sometimes the calmness of your way,

It just makes me want to sit and watch you for days.

Your long water caped edges, your rolling frosted waves,

a high tide's flowing or low tide to see some very clear ways.

Boats and ships sit on you like jewels on a floor,

a natural picture canvas that you do not have to pay for.

Seduction of the sea is how I see you, with your sky emitted colors of white and gradient blues.

Rocks dance in steady motion, shells loosen at your roar

Rough seas in bad weather, and then a calmness individuals wait for.

Tightly tucked sand, fast-flowing water, and deep depths of so much emotional water.

© 2019 The Eloquent Heart Writer


The Eloquent Heart Writer (author) from Barbados W.I on December 01, 2019:

Thank You Lorna, I appreciate your comments :)

Lorna Lamon on December 01, 2019:

A beautiful poem Marcelle which perfectly describes the wonders and hidden depths of the ocean.Lovely.

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