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Secretly Playing the Game of Love #4

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


The Paradox

Since you both are in the same school continue to study yourself, continue to play your game of love there, treat yourself well, know each other better at school, go to joints, visit the university’s Zoological gardens to play, read together, eat together and while doing this you

Will know each other better. I do not want you to consider her as one of those who will break your heart in the future, I think she is a wife material. The man concludes with his son like this and his son was happy with his father’s counsel, telling him that it is as if a heavy

load has been taken off his shoulders. He started playing with the young damsel albeit hidden to her parents while his parents know about them. They are again on mid-semester break and are at home when the man’s son told his father that he needs money. The man asks

Him what he needs money for and he replied that he wants to give his spouse. Why the father asks, saying, won’t his parents notice this, because you said she said you should be playing the love secretly. He then told his father that she was the one who asks him for

money because they have not taste a food that day and she was feeling dizzy. Is it only her? His father asks maybe she has miffed her parents and they are punishing her. He replied that the whole family has not tasted anything, for they do not have anything at home, he

replied, according to her, their foods finished three days ago, her father has tried to contact some people who used to give them foods on credit, but those people say they cannot give him anything because the ones he bought last he has not paid for them. His father buries

his chin on his palms shaking his head, and then what he heard months back came to his mind, that there are people who eat alternately, they will eat one food in the evening today and would not eat tomorrow until next tomorrow. As he was thinking about this, tears started

To roll down his eyes, this is quite disturbing, then he remembers when the politicians were campaigning for the post, they have told the people that they would make life easier for them, told them that the island’s currency would be at par with currencies of the advanced


Countries, told them they will arrest people who have been embezzling the island’s money for they are those who have wrecked and looted the fortune of the island, if they could be arrested and the money on them collected then the economy of the island would improve.

This the people heard and they voted for them enmasse, having voted for them and they have assumed the position of leadership, arresting people for money laundering and other related matters, saying that they have recovered this and that amount from the past leaders,

yet no changes in the economic status of the island, but the economy of the island is getting worse and worse daily. Salaries of the island staff couldn’t be paid, companies are leaving the island for the neighboring islands, throwing many people, youths, and old people

Into the labor market, this has led to increase crime rate in the island. Yet this crop of leaderships keep claiming that they are working, arresting people who have embezzled the island’s money. We heard of this, but we are grossly disappointed because “we have neither

Seen blood nor draining of liquor yet pregnancy has disappeared”. This is a sorry case for my island he says, shaking his head, now I know this is true, as he gives his son money to covertly give to her spouse as they continued albeit secretly their game of love….


“We have neither seen blood nor draining of liquor yet pregnancy has disappeared”, This is a proverb of paradox, showing how surprise people could be when opposite of what people are saying are being noticed in the society.


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