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Secretly Playing the Game of Love #3

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Debbie Feranmi

Debbie Feranmi

Well to all that I do for her, she will beg me, saying she is sorry. Even when I know that I was the one who wronged her, she will yet say I am sorry. Which kind of lady is this? I started thinking about her. I discussed her with my friend who wishes to know her, and on

Knowing her would not hesitate to tell me that this is a wife material friend, I strongly recommend her for you. It was based on his recommendations that I started getting close to her, not long after this we started dating. Our professor was elated for seeing us together and

would say, “two old fashioned people in love”. I am telling you this short story about us to know what some of us pass through before. It was during our courtship that we tell each other that when we start having children, we shall not inhibit our children from being in

Romantic relationship at their early days in life, because many people like us are negatively affected by such teaching, and if not for my friend’s intervention maybe it would not have been long that I get married, because I know one of us who do not receive such

Intervention who got married at the age of 60 years, because he just do not know how to relate with ladies, just like I was. Instead of tenderly talking to them, he will be addressing them like males, and those ladies would flare up and leave him. They are not like your

Mother, who endures with me, all those nasty words which I was saying to her, she endures because she has seen something in me, therefore she was not pushed off by my actions until she gets what she wants in me. But not many people could do that, thence, my

friends, find it hard to be married early. So having noticed this your mother and I have told ourselves that we shall not tell our children not to be romantically involved with anyone at their early days but so that they will not be affected negatively, what we however shall do

is put you through. This we have been doing since, we have shown love to anyone any of you brought home to us, and when we notice that the person you have brought home does not have good morals and may not give you happiness you deserve when you get married, we do


caution you on the relationship. I told you this so that you will know that what God helps us to scale through without becoming a “sadness” to ourselves, some people do not scale through that, and they have been telling their children something like this especially if they

Have had issues martially before, they tend to present marriage in a bad light to their children. Through this actions, some people’s children have missed it in marriage. Having said this, I want you to know that the lady may be saying what their ladies have told her that

They do not want her to be romantically involved with anyone as long as she is going to school because they want her to face her studies. The lady you are talking about, I am convinced that she has good moral upbringing, and from my interaction with her father

during the community meetings I know her father is a disciplined man. I do not think she is the kind of lady who will break your heart in the future if she indeed has agreed to be romantically involved with you. What I want you to also be doing now, is playing the game

of love with her secretly and gently, have an understanding mind with her, at least for now, you both are still in the university and it is not as if you will be getting married some months from now. You still have about four semesters left in the institution, on or before this

time things may have changed and she may have had the avenue to present your case before her parents logically and scientifically which will not generate an uproar.