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Secretly Playing the Game of Love #2

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Briefly on the Past

First I would like to tell you that in the past, our parents would not like us to be romantically involved with anyone when we are going to school because to them being in romantic relationship is a distraction, we won’t be able to concentrate on your studies very

well, which they would not like to happen, having suffered so much in the hands of some people who were elites then, they do not want their children to suffer as they have suffered, thence, they strictly warns us to be far off romantic relationship, either male or female

children. This was what prevented me from getting married early, for I have imbued that in my system such that I hardly mingle with anyone when I was in the university, in fact during those periods, I have no friends in the university, it is me and my studies alone, my

social life is zero if not tending towards negative at this phase. When people are saying they will get their own woman or man before they leave university what is in my mind is graduating, “graduate first, and other things will follow”, my parents will say. Being my

parents’ favorite, I strictly obeyed them till I finished from the university. After graduating from the University, and began my master’s program, I have not let go what I have been told over the years, as I was also, with my books and working. Then a friend asks

me if I want to become a reverend father, because it is reverend fathers who do not have girlfriends, nor think about marriage. I told him that I do not want to become a reverend father, that I planned to get marry in future, he then told me that if I plan to get marry, I ought

to have had a person I shall be romantically involved with, because ladies are not easy to be handpicked, there are many ladies and women in the world of a truth, but wife materials are very limited, therefore you hear of divorce here and there today he says, because wife and

Husband materials are limited in the world for the world has changed greatly it is not like our parents days. What do I have to do? I asked him then he told me that I have to start looking for a woman that I will love, and start studying the person, to know if her upbringing,


It is when you are studying her that you shall know her upbringing, but you can barely study a woman whom you are not romantically involved with, because nothing has brought you closely together, there is no common forum for you. After saying this, and I started

Seeking for ladies to be involved with, I find it difficult because I have not been trained along the line. It will take me months to get over the inferiority complex of interacting and familiarizing myself with ladies. Your mother that I got married to today was also like me, no

social life. I came across her when she was in her final years and wanted to see her project supervisor who happens to be my supervisor. I was with my supervisor when she enters his office, and the supervisor was putting her through some works, but she did not get

it well, then the supervisor receives a call from the Vice Chancellor of the university, who asks him to come to him immediately. While leaving that was when he asks me to see to the problem of your mother, for by then I have started my PhD work. “Listen to him, whatever he

Tells you, do, he is another lecturer in the making”, he told her as he rushes out of his office, leaving us there, “I will soon be back” he says. I put your mother through, she really appreciates me, since then we have been talking. I later discovered that our communication is

Getting to intimate, and would not like that, and would be doing things to push her off, remembering what my friend has said, “wife materials are limited but ladies are many in the world”.


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